Value Proposition

Marketers and Corporate Leaders across the world have suggested various innovative ways of defining and describing Value Proposition. But the simplest and most prolific route is to state that value proposition is the unsaid agreement of trust between the seller and the buyer. It might not be flashed in capital letters or be a legal agreement that you sign with each customer, but as a marketer, you need to instill and cultivate that sense of value proposition in your target clientele.

Always remember, the customer will always  view ‘value’ as something that he or she benefits from, after deducting the monetary value and depreciation of the particular product or service. So you might be trying to sell the most high-value products in your opinion, but if you do not have your pricing set right, or maybe if the associated maintenance costs or depreciation rate of a product is high, you will probably not be able to find suitable and interested buyers for the product or service.