The Art and Science of Selling

When you go by simple definition, the broad term ‘salesmanship skills’ are nothing but a collective way to define the ability of a salesperson to entrance and convince prospective clients, and thereby sell the said products and services. But there is so much more to the whole process! Firstly, one really cannot categorize the selling process to a particular genre of sturdy. While some would prefer to term it as art, others would view it as a field of study that has complete and absolute scientific backing. While the said set of salesmanship skills can be cultivated in a person, the aptitude and affinity for it, is mostly in-born or part of the inherent process of the education and the environment in which the child has been brought up. We can go on and on about how an effective salesperson is nurtured, but we would rather cut to the chase here and talk about the following well-thought skills and strategies to be an effective salesperson:-

  1. Always do your homework well– Nothing irks an interested or prospective customer more than ignorance. If you are out and about to sell with all your guns blazing, you better be fully prepared for all the queries the customer has.
  2. Know whom to sell to– Trust me, this is easier said than done. What’s interesting to note is that the most successful salespeople have an ideal buyer persona cultivated in their minds, and they stick to liaising with such people only, rather than investing time and energy over all and sundry. Now the tricky part here is, that nobody can tell you what the ‘ideal buyer persona’ is. You have to figure it out on your own, as every niche, geographical zone, customer profile and buying needs are varied!
  3. Know what’s being sold– This is somewhat similar to point 1, only thing this tip mainly deals with knowing the A to Z of what you are selling. So while the homework aspect is primarily focused on staying prepared in all ways for the client meeting, knowing what’s being sold has a lot to do with knowing your product or service to the very core, at any given point of time. And trust me, just by acing this particular point, you’re already halfway through!
  4. Focus on the measurable– Be it Leads Generation, Door-to-Door Calling, Bulk Emailing or Online Selling, salespeople always tend to falter when they do not focus on making the selling process measurable. Initially when you have just started, it might seem a bit difficult, but over the years it becomes a lot easier to scale and chart the entire process. The fact that you are being calculative will make it a lot easier for you to determine if you are making any progress.
  5. Trust your Instincts– I know this is the most clichéd advice you’ve probably ever come across in the corporate world. But when I pointed out the aspect of measurability in point no.4, I also urge budding salespersons to listen to their instincts whenever and wherever applicable. Again, this only gets developed with a certain level of experience, and you need to chisel your path based on your interactions and practical knowledge.

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