Marketing Research

On the exterior, marketing might seem like an area that is intertwined with sales. As a matter of fact, most small companies tend to converge their sales and marketing teams together. While there is some truth to this notion, the staunch fact remains that marketing across all industries and sectors, continues to remain a highly intensive and research-based area. Its only interlinking with sales, has to do with the fact that both are centered on the customer. But the systematic research process makes your marketing department inherently different from your sales department.

When a marketer surveys the various market segments for the specific product/service or line of products/services that he or she wants to sell, the very first thing that comes to mind is analyzing the needs of the customers. The best way to hit the target is by customizing and projecting the product or service, as one that directly addresses the needs of the market. If there already is existing competition in your niche, try to identify the micro niche wherein the customers are not completely satisfied, and therefore might be interested in an alternative.