Demand-Supply Graph in the Corporate World

In a free market, the demand-supply equilibrium is what determines the price point of all goods and commodities. This is probably the first chapter that most of us have read in our Economics textbooks way back in school. But as you step into the world of Marketing and Business Strategy, you will find the relevance of this concept all the more. In this regard, it would also be helpful for your overall marketing and selling prowess to broaden your knowledge to areas such as:-

  1. Induced Demand and its consequences
  2. The idea behind Demand and Supply Forecasting
  3. Effect vis-à-vis Social Costs and Expenses
  4. A thorough understanding of Producer’s Surplus and how it can turn the tables
  5. Externality as a theory and in reality
  6. Marketing Implications of Deadweight Loss
  7. Hindsight of Say’s Law
  8. Excess Demand Function- Pros and Cons
  9. Demand Vacuum- How it can be manipulated to your benefit