Business Strategy

In any corporate scenario, it is important to understand that the there will always be a huge difference between the resources on paper, and the resources actually available on the field.  For absolutely new entrants who are about to take up their debut roles in the corporate field, this might seem to be a bit odd. But this is a tried and tested fact. In fact the strategic use of available resources to achieve business goals, is what business strategy is all about. And that’s not just limited to the corporate world. Probably the biggest strategists in the history of mankind, have been none other than military leaders and commanders. No matter how well you plan and theorize, you always have to make room for exigencies and practical scenarios, and that’s what business strategy is all about!

Although strategizing has been common in warfare and polity over the centuries, businesses and trading were almost exempt from this up till the 1960s. This was probably the peak of industrialization in the post-war world and the corporate world as it exists today, started emerging in a very primeval state. And that’s exactly when the term business strategy was coined, because it went hand in hand with the competing nature of companies, and how they best strategized the available resources to surge ahead of competition. It would also be interesting to note that this was also when the customer was crowned as the king, as opposed to the shrill cry of monopoly in most areas of erstwhile products and services.