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Making Sales Growth Predictable, Sustainable & Scalable

Those of you who follow me on Twitter or LinkedIn know that I’ve been teasing a big announcement for the last month.  Well, I’m pleased to be able to make it official today.

We’ve officially launched our new website.  Please check it out and let us know what you think and how we can make it better.  In the philosophy of “Ship It,” the website is live, but not totally complete.  Over the next month a lot of new content (especially in the area of resources for you) will be added.

With the new site come some changes.  For readers of [...] Continue Reading…

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3 Principles to Aligning Your Sales & Marketing Program

I still remember standing on stage in front of 600 people, as famous sales trainer Tom Hopkins quizzed me on power closes.  It was a close competition and I knew that I had no room to miss even a word if I wanted to take home the trophy as the champion salesperson at boot camp.
Well I cruised through the closes (the Colin Powell close, the Ben Franklin, the take back, etc.), won the trophy (to this day, it’s still the largest trophy have) and realized I had two problems:

How was I going to get it back on the plane, [...] Continue Reading…

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The Demand Creator Minute – Increasing Your Win Rate

In two weeks I’ll be hosting our next webinar, The 5 Strategies For Dramatically Increasing Your Win Rate.  In today’s Demand Creator Minute, I highlight the first strategy.  Watch the video … and don’t miss the webinar!

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The Inside Secret To Driving Consistent Top Sales Performance

I admit it.  I’m a sales trainer.  And I do a good job of keeping salespeople entertained, showing them improved methodologies and technique, and getting them to leave their comfort zone.

But, deep down I know I’m not doing the right thing.  I know that no one really wants “sales training.”  What they want is more sales; or, to be even more precise, they want more predictable sales and they don’t want to have to work so hard to get them.

I think that’s the siren song for sales training.  It seems so simple.  We’ll get the sales team together, put [...] Continue Reading…

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A Crucial Question for B2B Sales: Can Demand Be Created?

I was reading a recent article, 8 Silly Phrases Marketers Should Avoid on Inc’s website.  I enjoy looking at overused, trite and/or meaningless buzzwords as much as the next guy; but I have to admit that I was immediately taken aback.  For, what was the #1 word on the list?  Demand Creation.

“Whoaaa!!!” I thought.  I use “Demand Creation” all of the time.  Actually, we position our entire company behind this very concept.  Suddenly I was concerned.  After all, the author, Geoffrey James, is quite popular and often has great points.

Here’s what James said about the term:

No amount of marketing [...] Continue Reading…

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Shortening The Sales Cycle: The Formula for Change

Change is difficult.  In a world where the rate of change seems to be increasing exponentially, and interesting opposition arises within individuals.  When we are facing so much change, we fight even harder to keep the status quo wherever possible.  This, plus the natural law that systems fight to protect themselves, makes the life of a professional salesperson even tougher.

While a lot of time is spent on the business and commerce aspects of sales, the reality is that if you’re a B2B salesperson, or a business in that space, you’re in the change business.  Your job is to move [...] Continue Reading…

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Are You Ready to Win In A World of Caveat Vendit? 5 Strategies to Dramatically Increase Your Win Rate

From caveat emptor to caveat vendit…let the seller beware.

As Daniel Pink, best-selling author of To Sell Is Human, shares the balance of power in business has moved from one where the seller had control, to one where the buyer seems to have total control.  The implications of this change are monumental and are having a destructive effect on companies that are not effectively making the adjustment.

Studies, most recently by The Sales Executive Council, also show that buyers don’t even consider discussing issues with a salesperson until they’re 2/3rds of the way through their buying process.  The impact:

Less predictability for [...] Continue Reading…

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The 3 Rules to Eliminating Price Objections

Yesterday I shared that price and the vast majority of objections that surround price are merely an excuse for delaying or deferring making a decision.  Understanding the psychology surrounding price is important for any selling organization that wants to grow both the top and bottom lines.

Today, I’m going to share how you can avoid the issue altogether.

Disarming The Price Objection & Desire to Negotiate

The first thing sellers must do to alleviate price pressure is understand what’s causing it.  If you’ve read yesterday’s post alone, you are in a better position to disarm price.  Simply by understanding that price concerns [...] Continue Reading…

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Price Is An Excuse (Or, Why Salespeople Kill Their Own Profits)

Did you know that the word decide and homicide have the same Latin root?  They both mean “to kill.”  When you make a decision you’re “killing” the alternatives.

When viewed through this lens, it is no surprise that people struggle to actually make decisions.  As a salesperson, it’s important to keep this in mind in terms of how you deal with the issues surrounding price.

Think about this for a moment, in a sales situation, when does pricing typically come up?  At the same time you are asking your customer/prospect to make a decision.

Now, think about the last time you made [...] Continue Reading…

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The Questions That Multiply Sales Results

The Demand Creator Minute back!  In this installment I share a critical insight about asking the questions that lead to sales success.

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A Lesson In Driving Sales Success Throughout Your Organization

For years I would have to brace myself when attending conferences or hearing companies talk about their approach to sales.  As a recovering “old school” salesperson myself, I just couldn’t stand hearing traditional, solution sales approaches being pawned onto unknowing executives, further confusing them with the very myths that were thrusting them into the very commoditization trap they were working so hard to avoid.

I’ve been increasingly excited as I’ve been to several events and conferences recently, and continue to see more advisors and companies share the insights and approaches I’ve spent the last 20 years professing.  I was very [...] Continue Reading…

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Business Acumen: Five Financial Metrics Every Salesperson Needs to Know

Anyone who knows me, knows I’m a huge believer that business acumen is both lacking in salespeople, and is the number one criteria for success today.  Increasingly, businesses are becoming aware that salespeople are not enough to cut it.  We must transform the sales force into businesspeople-who-sell.

While there are many attributes that contribute to building business acumen for salespeople, understanding financial statements is certainly at the top of the list.  Understanding the financial implication of their value proposition is critical for salespeople to be able to effectively lead customers and prospects to making decisions that are mutually beneficial. Here [...] Continue Reading…

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A Must Have Tool For Anyone In Sales

Selling is hard work, and it’s only getting harder.  For more than 20 years I’ve been writing and teaching about the fundamental shifts that have taken place with the flow of information in the buyer-seller paradigm.

Frankly, up until about 1997 sellers had the advantage, and buyers were forced to play by the seller’s rules.  As Daniel Pink shares in his latest book To Sell Is Human, this information asymmetry has, at best, become an information balance, and in many ways has swayed to the benefit of the buyer.  Sellers today must increasingly play by the buyer’s rules.

This information disruption [...] Continue Reading…

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You Must Dig Below Face Value to Break Free From Commoditization

Last month I shared five attributes that are critical in understanding the difference between successful salespeople and those who are average and struggle.  Today I’d like to give an example of how the difference plays out.

It is certainly not a new idea that effective salespeople need to ask good questions; however, I’ve learned the art of asking questions is not the key difference in success.  Rather, it’s what happens after the question is answered.

About 60% of salespeople simply accept the answer that is given, about 30% will clarify the answer to ensure they understand what is being said; but [...] Continue Reading…

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